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What Girls Say about Girl Power
What Parents say about The Whole Girl Approach

What Parents Say about Girl Power:

  • You have done a great job for our girls and many parents have mentioned Girl Power very favorably to me on a number of occasions. (From Principle of International school)
  • Last night when I was putting E to bed, we went through our “best” and “worst” part of our day ritual and she said, “Mommy, the best part of my day was going to Girls Power class and the worst part of my day was leaving it”. She was enthralled!
  • She absolutely loves coming to the group and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making her feel so welcome.
  • I think you are giving all these girls a lot of power and trust for their life. I think its soooo important.
  • H is learning about herself more, hopefully giving her more confidence – exactly my intention with registering her!!
  • HM is loving the class and seems happier than she’s been for a while.
  • Thank you very much for organising and leading those great “lessons”, G thinks they are the best hours of her week and I think it’s so essential for girls to talk and experience the themes you go through.
  • It’s so good that the girls have a group like yours…because, I know, that mothers and fathers can’t (and maybe shouldn’t expect to be) the only ones to give advice and be confided in….it’s a tough world!
  • C enjoyed it and I think it is good to share and talk about girly things, problems, etc. with other girls in a setting like Girl Power class.
  • I thank you very much for all the wisdom and courage you give to the girls in that course. I think she (and myself too, after having heard what she learned) can really profit a lot!!
  • I found yesterday to be a VERY positive experience for both me and A. She had a very good time – she talked about it and read your friendship poem into the evening, so I know it had a marvellous impact. Your topics sound wonderful. These are all important topics in our family, yet for the girls to have each other plus an adult as understanding as yourself, is more than supportive.
  • Thanks for all you’re doing with and for the girls, it’s really great to hear and see them so happy.

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What Girls Say About Girl Power:

  • Girl Power is so much fun every time and Leslie is just a great person. So in that way, it’s great to be with people you like in the group and talk and do things that one doesn’t necessarily talk about in their every day life. I love coming to Girl Power and I look forward to it every time. Age 13
  • I think Girl Power is excellent for girls, and it is a great experience to be accompanied by girls you trust at least a short way along the path of life. Age 13
  • I love Girl Power because I can be myself and don’t have to be somebody else. Age 10
  • I learned to feel good with who I am. Age 11
  • I feel free in Girl Power to say everything and anything. I learned I actually like my body and me. Age 10
  • I learned in Girl Power that I am a very nice person . I feel very happy with myself now and feel I can trust the other girls here. Age 10
  • First of all: Girl Power rules! It helps girls find self-confidence and teaches them how to handle drugs, peer pressure and other everyday things. I love coming to Girl Power not only because of Leslie and the other girls, but also because I can relax here and say what’s on my mind and no one will laugh at me, but only help finding solutions. Age 13
  • I think almost all girls would love to do something like Girl Power! I think it really helps you to get more self-confident and trust yourself. Age 14
  • Many girls my age have problems socially, mentally and addictively. They are either barely staying in school or worrying about where their next cigarette is coming from. I don’t have these problems because Girl Power has stopped me from making the wrong decisions by educating me and giving me support when I need it. Age 14
  • I love how you can just open up and make new friends. At first I was really shy but I am trusting myself and others more. Age 12
  • I learned in Girl Power that there are many good things about myself. I have been more happy and positive since I started Girl Power.
  • What I liked about Girl Power was I learned a lot and I feel better about myself. Age 11
  • Girls Power helped me to learn more about nutrition, friendship and fun. Age 11
  • I learned to have more positive thoughts about myself, and I noticed that I like the way I am and I don’t have to look like models in magazines to look pretty. Age 11

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What Parents say about The Whole Girl Approach:

  • This was brilliant. I would like to say a big thank you to the presenter – although my daughter is still young, the sound guidelines and tips and tricks provided should assist me is helping my daughter through the turbulent teen years in a more positive and healthy way. What more could I have hoped for from a course. I would take this again and would recommend it to all people with daughters.
  • This workshop was very beneficial and especially gave some great, concrete and practical ideas for raising ‘healthy daughters’. The highlight for me was definitely being given the very specific ideas to try at home/in conversation and the ‘areas’ to think about. Leslie seems to have a lot of helpful information and knowledge, as well as sincere caring about the holistic health of our girls. I really appreciate her giving her time to help educate us. Great workshop!
  • I really enjoyed the class on raising daughters. I would go again and I would recommend it to a friend. I only wish it was longer or even a series because there was so much information, it made me hunger for more!
  • Loved it. Great summary of issues and then practical ways to deal with these issues. Leslie is very engaging and spoke well.
  • Very interesting, insightful, well presented. Good level of interaction. Excellent speaker with so much empathy.
  • I enjoyed it and it was very interesting. I have two daughters and will be definitely going home and sharing a lot of what I learned.
  • Very invigorating, it made me feel good and I left with a feeling that I can do this –Raise a healthy daughter.
  • Very well presented and structured. I like the combination of theories and anecdotes/statistics, and some practical solutions. I am glad I came.
  • Very good workshop with a lot of tips and concrete ideas of how to raise our daughters.
  • It is so good to hear that other Moms have the same issues.
  • Very inspiring!

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