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Raising Healthy Daughters in Mind Body and Spirit

The Whole Girl Approach:

Raising Healthy Daughters in Mind, Body and Spirit

Bringing Girl Power Home!

If  you are interested in this workshop in your area or country,  please contact Leslie .

In this workshop we will  explore raising healthy, confident, and secure girls.   We will review the topics taught in Girl Power including:  positive mental image, healthy body image, healthy friendships/relationships, wisdom from within, healthy eating, fitness, and money skills.   You will learn specific activities and helpful tips to support your daughter in every one of these areas.  You will leave with an understanding of the main issues facing girls today, a guide of what to do and say to support your daughter, and recommended reading and relevent website list.

You will also have a chance to voice your concerns and hear other Moms’ concerns and ideas.  Learn ways to support your daughter so she can grow up to be a confident and compassionate adult. Your daughter will excel when she is raised with the awareness that feeding her whole self – mind, body, spirit and emotions – is the path to a contented life.

Upcoming Workshop:  Wednesday March 6th.  Four Forest School Lucerne 9:30-11:30  email