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Girl Power!

Girl Power is a fun, social group for girls ages 7-14 years, whose purpose is to develop high self esteem, confidence and self knowledge through creative activities.  Girl Power incorporates a holistic approach of mind, body and spirit.   Using writing, art, acting, discussion, cooking, and dance, girls have an opportunity to get in touch with themselves and begin to become more self aware.  The group acts as a support network for girls to share similar experiences.  The seven pillars of Girl Power are:

  • Positive Self Image
  • Healthy Body Image
  • Supportive Friendships/Relationships
  • Healthy Eating
  • Physical Activity
  • Wisdom from Within
  • Money Skills

Groups are organized by age and normally girls are within 2 years of each other. Each group consists of anywhere from 8-10 participants and include girls from diverse backgrounds.  All groups are conducted in English.

Groups are held once a week for 1 hour 30 minutes.  Groups do not meet during school holidays, and run from September through November, and February through June.  Cost is CHF 35 per group.  Girl Power was started in Zurich in 2004.

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