Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Boy Power

Boy Power has come to Switzerland!  Boys are now being offered an opportunity to join a boys group which will help support them to be the best they can be.  In Boy Power, boys have the opportunity to engage in activities, dialogue and self-expression to question stereotypical concepts of what it means to be male, and to increase  their emotional, social and cultural literacy by promoting valuable relationships with peers.

Themes that Boy Power will focus on are:

  • Healthy Competition
  • Bullying
  • Expressing Emotions in a healthy way
  • Male and Female roles
  • Exploring what is real Boy Power

Led by an experienced adult male facilitator, Boy Power will meets after school  for 1 ½ hours each.  This will be an invaluable opportunity for boys to come together in a safe, fun,  and action-oriented context and focus on issues important to boys.

Facilitator:  Position available for male facilitator of Boy Power groups.  If interested please email me.