Licensed Clinical Social Worker

About Leslie Kuster

Leslie Kuster, MSW LCSW holds her Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work and specializes in working with children, adolescents and their families.  She is the creator and director of Girl Power in Switzerland, which is a holistic based program for girl’s ages 7-14 years old, to develop confidence and self-esteem, which started in 2004.

Leslie is in private practice in Zurich working individually with children, adolescents and adults.   She is a professional speaker and conducts workshops to girls, women, parents and schools on diverse topics, all with a mind, body and spirit focus.

A passionate businesswomen, Leslie also has a web-based retail business and is a strong supporter of entrepreneurism for girls and women.  Her current project is offering trainings to women so they can start their own Girl Power groups and present The Whole Girl Approach workshop  to parents.

Leslie has extensive training in nutrition and conducts healthy cooking classes for children and adults.  She also teaches Moving Dance Meditation which incorporates meditation and movement to achieve a place of peace and harmony.

Leslie has devoted her life to self-development and spiritual practice and has a heart-centered mind, body and spirit approach to all of her work and her life.  She lives in Zurich with her Swiss husband and is from New York City.

Her favorite color is green and she loves animals.